Car / Van Boot Tailgate Vent Lock

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Our Tailgate Vent Lock allows more ventilation into your vehicle than only leaving windows open. It works by fixing the rear tailgate or door in a half-open position and with a front window open just a small amount, it will allow air to flow and circulate through your vehicle helping to keep your dog cool.

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🐶 Heated Car Solution! Protect your cherished canine from heat stroke in a locked vehicle with the DOBERNUT dog car guard. With our vent lock tailgate latch lock, you can take your four-legged buddies on adventures and leave them inside the van in emergencies without any security or health risk.

Efficient Ventilation: The DOBERNUT tailgate latch extender car boot lock extender teams up with the windows to create an airflow channel in your vehicle. Latch this ventilation lock to the door or trunk lid to fix them into a semi-open state. Keep your pup cool while preserving the safety of your possessions!

🛡 Reliable Protection: We do not take your security lightly! These ingenious car accessories for dogs are made from heavy-duty steel and finished with a tough powder coating. Rest assured, our boot dog guards are here to protect your pawed mate and vehicle in every adversity for a lifetime.

🤝 A Versatile Gadget: A safety assistant for everyone! These nifty tailgate locks come in three different sizes of 6″, 9″, and 12″ with the freedom to open your car door as much as needed. Suitable for almost all of your Estate Cars, Hatchbacks, Minivans, SUVs, or 4 Wheel Drive vehicles.

Effortless Installation: Get your tailgate lock bar dog up and running within seconds! Just unwind it on the thread, adjust into the post, screw it back, and fix the free end in the door. Remove this car gadget even more easily by unlocking the car door with a key and pulling the handle.


Every summer, our canine companions fall at the risk of heat exhaustion and stroke in the vehicles. Even when you leave the windows open, the temperature inside the vehicle can rise and become unbearable within minutes. When you leave the door open, your pet and personal belongings can get stolen or lost. The solution? The solution? DOBERNUT car tailgate lock! 


These smart dog accessories work by keeping your car door ajar while still locked. When you leave the window slightly open, the tailgate opening will create a channel of airflow. So you can run all the errands with the satisfaction that your furry mate is perfectly happy and safe.


No complicated tools and no hassle. This amazing tailgate lock will take mere seconds to be a fully operational dog guard for car boot. Just follow these steps:

✔Unwind the tailgate latch over the thread for a few turns and place it over the post or through the catch inside the car.

✔Gently wind back the ventilation lock to a firm position making sure that it is not too tight. 

✔Close the car door by pushing the latch mechanism onto the free hook of the lock.

✔To remove the boot dog guard, unlock the vehicle normally without putting too much pressure. Simply pull the handle or turn the key and gently open the door. The car boot lock will automatically release itself from the door.


  • Material: Steel
  • Sizes Available: 6”, 9”, 12”


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Small 6 inch, Medium 9 inch, Large 12 inch

3 reviews for Car / Van Boot Tailgate Vent Lock

  1. Kim Barns (verified owner)

    I use my Vent locks all the time. They work really well and it’s so nice to be able to leave my van locked and still allow significant air flow. I have the longest Ventlock and also the 6″ length so that I have a choice depending on the situation. Of course, all necessary precautions must still be used, i.e. parking only in the shade and only leaving dogs unattended in a car on cool days, etc. I highly recommend these for people who travel with dogs.

  2. Steven Jones (verified owner)

    I learned about these locks about 10 years ago when I was visiting a dog event. Over the years I’ve had various makes and designs of them however this one seems to be the highest quality and well built one so far.

  3. Dean Simpson (verified owner)

    Ideal for short time leaving dogs in car, allows cool air to flow through whilst car is still locked

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