Rodi Sausage Dog Training Food Treat Snack

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The Rodi sausages are popular in use for training, reward and as a daily complete (holiday) meal.

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The Rodi sausages are popular in use for training, reward and as a daily complete (holiday) meal.

Rodi Sausages are used by both professionals and pure enthusiasts to reward and feed dogs in a healthy way. Rodi sausages are full of meat, contain no artificial aromas, colors and flavors, antioxidants or added sugars. So super healthy! Due to the sturdy structure, the sausages can be cut very well into your desired treat size and are therefore ideal as a reward snack during training or simply because your dog has earned it. The sausages are also useful when administering medicines or as a complete daily food, for example as a replacement for fresh meat well away on holiday or in case of illness.


Rodi Sausage Chicken with Beef (400g per sausage)

Meat and animal derivatives (81% fresh chicken, 4% beef), cereals, minerals

No artificial fragrances, colorants and flavours

No added sugar

Ideal as a snack or as a reward during dog training

Crude protein 16%

Fat content 10%

Crude fibres 0.50%

Crude ash 4%

Moisture 63%

Vitamin A 6000 IU/kg

Vitamin D3 600 IU/kg

Vitamin E 30 mg/kg

Iron 40 mg/kg

Iodine 1 mg/kg

Copper nvt

Manganese 27 mg/kg

Zinc 40 mg/kg

Selenium 0,14 mg/kg

Feeding Instructions

In the food table you will find the recommended daily amount in grams with kg body weight per day for an adult dog. Example: Your dog weighs 16 kg. When you give him the Rodi sausage as a complete daily diet, he may have a total of 16x35gr = 560gr per day, divided over several meals.

Note: These are guidelines. Your dog’s nutritional needs depend on several factors, such as size, age and activity level. In case of addition to the daily menu (as a reward, snack or otherwise): correct the recommended daily amount of the standard menu to avoid overweight.

Dog size Number of grams per kg of body weight per day
<10kg 45
10-25kg 35
>25kg 25


Keep the sausage cool and dry. After opening, the sausage can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days (if properly packaged). If the sausage does not go up in one go, despite the fact that your dog likes it so much, you can also temporarily freeze the rest of the sausage after opening. Cut the sausage into pieces before freezing, so that you only have to thaw a small part at a time.

Other uses for Rodi

Rodi can not only be used as a complete meal or healthy snack, but is suitable for many more purposes!

dog training

The sausages are nice and firm and very easy to cut. Ideal to use during dog training! You give your dog a delicious and healthy snack as a reward. The Rodi Sausages are incredibly versatile:

✓ during the normal walk

✓ when searching

✓ as a reward for training exercises

✓ in brain work with your dog


Medicating your dog is a lot easier with Rodi. Hide the medication in a piece of Rodi Sausage and the medication will be gone in no time!

Dried snacks

You can make dried snacks from Rodi Sausages in no time. Dry the sausage pieces in a food dehydrator and you always have a tasty reward available!

Food for the holiday

The Rodi Sausages are very handy to take with you on holiday. A very good alternative to fresh meat, which is not easy to take with you on holiday. The sausages are a perfect match for raw food, because they contain a minimum of 75%-85% meat. The sausages are completely complete and they can be stored unopened outside the refrigerator. The perfect solution for holidays!

Rodi Ice Creams

In the summer you can make delicious Rodi Ice Creams in no time! Put pieces of Rodi Sausage together with water in a freezer-proof cup and freeze. Don’t forget to run the ice cream under the tap for a while before giving it to your dog. If you are giving ice cream to your dog for the first time, do so in small amounts. Some dogs can react sensitively to this cold snack.

As you can read, the benefits and possibilities are endless!


Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

1 Sausage 400g, Box Of 9 sausages

9 reviews for Rodi Sausage Dog Training Food Treat Snack

  1. Margaret Firth (verified owner)

    My working cocker loves this. Have been using it for training treats and she hasn’t taken her eyes off the treat pouch (have even found her nose stuck in it when I turned my back) she has a sensitive stomach and this has had no affect on her.

  2. Lily-Anne Eastwood (verified owner)

    Fantastic for stuffing my four dogs’ Kongs with healthy food which compliments their raw diet.

  3. Harry Carpenter (verified owner)

    These were a training gamechanger. I have a very distracted 5-month-old puppy which wasn’t interested in any other treats around distractions. As its a complete food, its a healthy substitute for kibble. I cube a few slices and they make walks humdred times more enjoyable. Cannot recommend enough!

  4. Elliot Healy (verified owner)

    I cut these up and use it was high value training treats, pup loves them and I can control size of the treats . I also freeze it once chopped if I don’t want to use it all in one go.

  5. Isabella Denton (verified owner)

    We cut a tube up at a time into small square pieces and freeze them, getting a handful out each time we need them.
    Norman will do absolutely anything for this rodi and it has made training him so much easier. As he is a rescue we tried every treat under the sun before coming across this product and it is the best product I could recommend!!

  6. Ashlee Bourne (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my dog to try, as he’s totally lost interest in his raw minced meals, he absolutely loves this though and devours it in seconds, I will definitely be ordering more .

  7. Gregg Barker (verified owner)

    This food makes great treats – perfect for training. It can be easily cut into little pieces to give and beats hot dog sausages as is so much more healthy. Loved by both our Beagle and our Labrador and great value for money.

  8. Rich Samsung (verified owner)

    Our puppy ate very badly. On advice I put a slice of sausage through it and now she eats everything. I put 6 slices in the fridge for 2 days, and I put the rest in slices in the freezer. Functions perfectly.

  9. Paul Simms (verified owner)

    I use this sausage as a reward when im training. It is easy to divide into pieces and the dog loves it. Definitely recommended if you want to give extra rewards, also handy because it is soft!

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