French Dominant Dog Influence Control Cord Training Collar With Handle

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This collar is called many different names including French, Dominant Dog, Influence, Control, Cord, Training Collar. its a great secure alternative to pinch/prong or choke chain collars and is designed to prevent choking in panicking or aggressive dogs.

The collar safely tightens when your dog pulls on the lead, discouraging the behaviour without causing harm. The quick slip function of the Safety Stop prevents highly excitable dogs from choking while allowing the handler to remain safely in control.

our collars are made from 4mm Dyneema. Dyneema is the worlds strongest man-made fiber in the world and benefits from some great features like low stretch and high abrasion resistance making it the perfect choice of material.

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Dimensions 3 × 10 × 15 cm

14 reviews for French Dominant Dog Influence Control Cord Training Collar With Handle

  1. Conner Naylor (verified owner)

    Bought with the advice of a professional dog trainer for a big Bernese Mountain Dog who had a tendency to overpower me if he wanted to say hello to another dog. This is a tool that needs to be used in a controlled manner to teach the dog not to pull. After a few weeks the dog has learnt not to apply pressure to the lead through he neck and he behaves even when back on a normal slip lead.

  2. Keiron Cotton (verified owner)

    My dog is reactive, I coupled this with a sperate hand with clip. The toggle actually works at keeping the Leash high behind the ears. I have greater control over my gsd look-a-like Romanian rescue dog.

  3. Eddie Kemp (verified owner)

    A dog training group recommended this collar but already having a slip lead for a strong GSD puppy I didn’t think it would make a difference. 100% recommended, didn’t totally stop her pulling but an enormous improvement. Showed she actually understands the concept or the pressure release. Near enough a stress free walk!

  4. Leo Hewitt (verified owner)

    Just what I needed, the dog is much more responsive with just a light touch, it keeps the collar where you need it. I have recommended it to many people!

  5. Paul Banks (verified owner)

    With a headstrong adolescent dog, this makes all the difference. Of course, proper education about dog training methods is key, but this simple collar can be a 30 second miracle for an otherwise unruly dog.

  6. Lily-Mae Paine (verified owner)

    I was introduced to this collar by an old guy who used to train Police dog trainers. When used properly, up just under the ears, I’ve walked extra large and boisterous dogs and it feels like walking a chihuahua.

  7. Nell Jacobson (verified owner)

    Great strong grot I use on my mastiff dogs excellent strong and easy to use

  8. Paula Faulkner (verified owner)

    We purchased this to help train our Belgian Malinois. It has proved to be a great training slip collar.

  9. Liana Bradford (verified owner)

    Light weight and strong. The toggle stays well in place with no problems at all

  10. Billy Duke (verified owner)

    Brilliant, heavy duty, does the job

  11. Deacon Franklin (verified owner)

    Easy to use and has worked to help us get our dog walking to heal

  12. Abu Rosales (verified owner)

    Good bit of kit

  13. Eisa Bird (verified owner)

    Such a good training tool providing its fitted properly on puppies neck and puppy has been taught tighten and release

  14. Callie Churchill (verified owner)

    This is a great sturdy training tool, when used correctly. I use this when walking to the park. He knows when he is wearing this he is training to walk properly and not pull. At the park I swap to an ordinary collar so he can relax and Anjou his play time. Going home the training one goes back on to walk home. It is good value for money , I have had mine for a couple of months still looks new. I would recommend this.

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