Dog Training Leash Long Line


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Everyone knows that a Leash is an indispensable part of every training session. However finding the perfect training Lead, one that ticks all the boxes, is a rather difficult task. This is why after years of searching without much success we decided to create our own. our leashs feature everything you want and expect from a leash:

Soft feel In your hand

Provides great grip

Water resistant

Doest stretch under tension

High quality trigger clip

Light weight but strong enough to handle to strongest of dogs

Our leads are made of 19mm robust and durable polyamide and are not only stitched but glued then finished with a protective coating protecting the stitching and providing ultimate strength and durability for a lifetime of use. all ends of our leashes are finished with a leather tag to protect the ends from ever fraying.

each lead is hand made to order so we can provide you with any length you desire so please let us know if you would require a different size when ordering.

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Up to 1m, Up to 2m, Up to 3m, Up to 4m, Up to 5m


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