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🐶 Reliable Dog Bowl: Raise your dog’s dining standards with DOBERNUT metal buckets! No more flimsy plastic bowls, tipping over – accidental or otherwise, spilled contents, or unclean feeding & watering supplies for dogs. These heavy-duty pet pails come in the size of 2 and 4 quarts.

Ergonomic Design: Intuitively tailored to a pet owner’s every need! An included robust double-ended bolt snap fixes the dog feeding bowls with the bars of the crate. A flat side provides stability against walls and prevents tipping over. A handle makes it easier to carry the bucket.

💪 High-Quality Build: Created tough to withstand any challenge, even a temper tantrum the size of a dog! These water bowls for dog crates boast a premium re-rolled high-carbon, non-magnetic stainless-steel construction, which is resistant to rust, chips, fracture, scratches, and stains.

🤝 Versatile Pet Pails: Fostering a critter or feeding a goat, adopting a puppy, or revamping the food station of your current four-pawed family member, DOBERNUT non-spill dog water bowls are always the perfect answer. Compatible with just about any crate, kennel, or cage out there!

🧼 Easy Maintenance: Minimal effort for utmost comfort! These fabulous dog accessories are 100% dishwasher-safe. Made with veterinarian-recommended material, our puppy bowls feature a smooth, reflective surface making it a breeze to clean and maintain for your pet’s optimal health


Being a pet-parent is hard, and what makes it even harder is those fancy but pointless dog feeding bowls. No worries! The DOBERNUT flat-sided pet pails are here to simplify your life. Nurture your canine companion with a dinnerware that anticipates your needs before you even ask for them. Our seemingly austere stainless-steel buckets are not only super functional, but they also reflect a rich metallic sheen that complements any decor, setting, and color scheme.

A friend of Pets, Humans, and Nature

🐾High-carbon, re-rolled, non-magnetic stainless-steel resistant to rust, scratches, and breakage

🐾The metal pails are flat-sided to avoid spilling and contoured handles make lifting them comfortable

🐾 Health-friendly and eco-conscious material!

🐾With hard-wearing double-sided bolt snaps, these dog crate water bowl clip on to the fences, kennels, or stands



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17 reviews for Cage / Kennel Food or Water Bowl Buckets

  1. Ben Preston (verified owner)

    The bucket when attached is very stable. when the crate is folded for travel if placed correctly the bracket can stay on the crate. The bowl is locked to the bracket by a simple lever that can be operated with your thumb allowing simple removal of the bowl for cleaning or packing. In addition the bucket is dishwasher safe.

  2. Miriam Alaiya (verified owner)

    Wow I love this such a simple but effective design our dog was forever knocking his water bowl over if we left it in his create with him to the point we could no longer leave a bowl in there as he always just ended up soaking hs bedding however now with this its no longer a problem and leaves us being able to leave him with access to water 24/7

  3. Mitchell Dileep (verified owner)

    Great bit of kit. Highly recommended. 💪

  4. Maria Wright (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd one now as I love these so much I started with one just for the car but now at home I have one screwed to the wall in the kitchen and another outside in the garden.

  5. Carol Jones (verified owner)

    This is a good option for providing my dog with water while in the crate. It was pretty easy to install, and it is very simple to take in and out. It is very sturdy; my rambunctious dog has not been able to move it at all.

  6. Dennis Williams (verified owner)

    Our dog notoriously flipped his bowl in the kennel. We then had tried many other kennel attachments such as rabbit feeders and plastic pails that attached, all of which our dog managed to break.

  7. Vishal Munro (verified owner)

    Puppy has not been able to remove this or tip it over.

  8. Mark Mitchell (verified owner)

    Then came the Dobernut Crate Pail. Our dog has not managed to damage or remove it from the kennel which we consider a great success! This pail is considerably small, however, it works well as we prefer more room for the dog.

  9. Sophia Thompson (verified owner)

    For the first six months we had him, our puppy ignored his plastic water dish that screwed to the side of the crate (besides drinking of course). Then, about a month ago, it became his favourite new thing to try and chew/destroy when he got mad about being in the crate (forbid his adoptive parents sleep past 7am, or he choose to chew on an actual chew toy!). The first one snapped, because the bolt was plastic. The replacement one we bought was still plastic, but had a metal bolt. However, because it had only the one attachment point, he figured out how to loosen the dish and turn it so he could pull it through the cage, and then take it apart.

  10. Shirley Lewis (verified owner)

    So I looked on the internet for something that looked indestructible and attached securely with more than one attachment point, and found this water bowl. Thus far, it’s been excellent. He hasn’t been able to remove or destroy any part of it, despite no lack of trying on his part. He hasn’t even been able to loosen it. The lock holds it very securely to the side of the wire crate, and the release catch has not been figured out by even the most easily bored of puppies.

  11. Arvid Björklund (verified owner)

    If you have a dog who destroys other bowls I recommend this one.

  12. Camilla Grove (verified owner)

    This is by far the best quality dog pail I have come across. It was thoughtfully made by someone who knew what they were doing when it came to hanging a dog pail in a kennel or a crate! I hung this up in my dog’s crate and was immediately impressed with the quality of the pail and the latching system. My dog can’t play with the pail or remove it and make a mess!

  13. Ratan Panchal (verified owner)

    The dogs dont bother to do anything with these pails other than drink water from them. Well worth the initial expense!!!

  14. Greg Clarke (verified owner)

    We have finally found forever water pails! Our dogs are aggressive chewers and have chewed through every other water system we have purchased. Not these!!

  15. Larry Ward (verified owner)

    Love these bucket systems and they are hard to find!

  16. Brenda Watson (verified owner)

    No spills. Great for a wire cage. I bought two, one for food and one for water. Works equally well for either.

  17. Michael Walker (verified owner)

    I love these bowls! I have 2 dog crates in my vehicle and both of them now have these bowls.

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