Silver Shade Aluminet Sun Shield Cloth

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🐶 Heat Protection for Pets: This summer, keep your four-legged companions protected from heat and direct sunlight! DOBERNUT aluminet shade cloth offers an efficient reflective surface to keep the harsh heat waves at bay and maintains a cool and friendly environment for your furry friends.

🤝 Intuitively Convenient: The perfect size for every surface! Our heat reflective silver shade sheet comes in 3 sizes of 2x2m, 3x3m, and 3.7×4.2m to choose from. The smart balcony and car sun shade layout features eyelets conveniently installed at the edges to set up effortlessly even on a windy day.

Functional Sun Shade: Constructed from highly reflective aluminized fabric, this amazing beach shade reflects out unwanted heat, radiation, and light, and the silver surface does not absorb any heat itself. The mesh is breathable and allows sufficient airflow to avoid any heat-trapping.

Durable and Reliable: No peeking sun rays will reach you! The woven aluminet fabric netting of our pet shade sheets is highly UV resistant from both sides. The premium quality car reflective sun shade offers excellent durability against sunlight and rain exposure and long service life.

Extensive Applications: Let the sun burn brightly – the DOBERNUT sun shades for garden, car, and home will keep you cool! These reflective sheets work incredibly well on the car roof, house windows, balcony, or any surface exposed to sunlight, to protect your plants, pets, and children.


Beat the heat with a cool reflector! The DOBERNUT store brings you an unbeatable heat combat solution with these ingenious car and beach shade clothes. Our silver reflective sheets can block up to 90% of harmful UV rays while ensuring an optimal temperature inside. So you can keep both your two and four-legged family cool and comfortable all year long. 

✔These car sun shades are made of breathable knitted fabric 

✔The netting promotes constant airflow and significantly reduces the temperature

✔With pre-attached grommets these camper van accessories are incredibly easy to assemble 

Hassle-free cleaning and fast drying! Wash with a hosepipe and air dry.


On a hot day, temperature inside a parked car increases rapidly and can reach extreme levels. Your feline and canine companions inside the car run the risk of stress, exhaustion, and heat stroke even with the windows open. Covering the roof of your vehicle or windows of your home with our heat reflective sheet can help maintain a tolerable temperature and save your precious pets from harm.

Note: Do not leave your pet inside a parked car unless absolutely necessary. 


Perfect for plant cover, summer shading, car sun shield, pet shade, dog shows, and more. Stands tough against heat, water, and wind. Use these aluminet car sheets on any patio, driveway, lawn, garden, pool, park, campsite or outdoor adventures!


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2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 4.2m x 3.7m

5 reviews for Silver Shade Aluminet Sun Shield Cloth

  1. Matt (verified owner)

    Another Quality Product by thedobernut

  2. Susan wilson (verified owner)

    We bought one of these sun shades to use on our car when we are camping or at Flyball Dog competitions to create a cool den for our dog when the sun gets too hot. It is made of a metallicized material which reflects the sun back really well and the car was noticeably cooler than when we have just covered it with towels or a blanket.

  3. Reece Edwards (verified owner)

    Brought this for when at dog agility shows to provide my dogs with lots of shade. The sheet allows the breeze through meaning plenty of fresh air. Would definitely recommend this product 👍🏻

  4. Ben (verified owner)

    So glad I bought this. A friend had one and recommended it and it didn’t disappoint. Covered my whole car so was able to leave my dog in the car for short periods whilst on a dog training course and it kept the car lovely and cool. I left windows open for air which because of the weave of the product circulated well.

  5. Elle Smith (verified owner)

    Does the job and reduces the temperature instantly. Quite impressive really! It does still let light through – it’s like sitting under a tree in dappled shade. I bought a packet of ball bungees off ebay to use as tie downs which makes it simple to throw over and secure.

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