Dog Training Toy

Turn your training into playtime with our large range of dog toys! From the durable neoprene ball to the versatile Nycolt dog training ball, and agility dog toys to keep your dog on its toes, we have something for everyone. Don’t forget our puppy toys and tugs are great for dogs just starting out. Our toys and tugs are not only great for fun and play for your dogs but also a essential tool for effective training. Check out our toy collection and add some fun to your training!

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High Quality Dog Toys & Training Equipment

Our soft and squidgy neoprene dog balls are perfect for dogs of all ages. They are also great for dogs learning to hold 2 toys at once which comes in very handy for people teaching the dumbbell retrieve. The softball provides a great feeling for dogs, making fetch games more enjoyable and interactive. The neoprene material is soft on the dog’s mouth yet resilient enough to endure there sharp teeth, ensuring long-lasting fun and training value. These balls are also easy to wipe clean due to there material making them ideal for indoor and also outdoor use.

The Nycolt dog training balls on rope are built to be both versatile and also durable, ideal for both training sessions and playtime. These heavy-duty tough balls are perfect for a little light game of fetch or an all out tug-of-war game. They are also great to help reinforce training commands well you train. The durable design ensures they can withstand intense use. The Nycolt balls are designed from hard-wearing materials that are safe and non-toxic to your dog providing a great training tool and training aid that you can trust. These balls also feature handles making them easy to throw and interact with your k9, enhancing the training every step of the way with you and your dog.

Our agility dog tug toys are great for high-drive dogs and help making training sessions more fun and productive. These tug toys are essential for training agility skills and keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated at the highest level well helping to improve your dog’s coordination and fitness. From dog tunnels and dog hurdles to dog weave poles and agility jumps, our agility tugs are designed so your dog will love them and so will enhance their agility performance. All our tugs are made from high-quality materials and with a sturdy construction to ensure these toys can withstand whatever you throw at them, providing a effective way to improve your dog’s agility training and fitness. These tug toys are perfect for using with a home agility course, allowing you to practice and train in your own garden.

For puppies we have designed a line of toys that are perfect for teething and early training stages. These toys are soft yet still very durable, providing just the right balance of comfort and durability for young dogs. The material texture and shapes and sizes are designed to promote full grip and correct biting habits, while the engaging designs keep puppies entertained and focused building drive. Our puppy toys and tugs are made only using safe, non-toxic materials, ensuring your young dog’s safety during training.