Dobernut Must Have Accessories

Upgrade your dog training kit with our Dobernut must-have accessories! Keep your dog cool and hydrated with our dog water buckets, and make those car journeys comfortable with our tailgate vent lock. Our accessories have been designed to make all your training sessions smoother and more enjoyable. Dive into our collection now and discover the little extras that make a big difference!

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Features of Dog Water Bowl

Our dog food bowls and water buckets are the perfect on-the-go hydration, designed to fold down so you can slide them into your pocket, making them highly portable while still being easy to clean. Made from high-quality durable materials, these bowls are ideal not for just travel but training sessions and any outdoor activities. The folding collapsible design allows for easy storage in your training bag or car, ensuring you always have a way to give your dog water. The heavy-duty outer material used in their construction ensures they can withstand whatever you throw at them during frequent use, making them perfect for active dogs and their owners. The tailgate ventilation lock is an essential must-have accessory for all dog owners who travel with their pets. This innovative device ensures your dog stays safe and comfortable during their car travels, providing essential ventilation through the boot but without compromising your car or van’s security. The vent lock is easy and quick to install and fits most car/van/truck models. It allows you to leave the trunk partially open while still being securely locked. This accessory is a must-have for all dog owners who want to make sure their pets are comfortable, cool and safe during their travel, especially on warm summer days. The tailgate vent lock provides a secure and well-ventilated space, making car outings a joy for your dog.

Shop Must-Have Accessory for All Dog Owners at Dobernut

In addition to some of these essentials, our accessory collection includes a variety of other dog items designed to enhance your training experience overall. From treat pouches that keep rewards easily accessible to portable sun shades that provide a comfortable cool area for your dog during outdoor dog shows or agility events, at Dobernut we have everything you need to make your dog training more efficient and enjoyable. Our treat pouch is designed with practicality in mind featuring multiple compartments with secure closures, ensuring treats and food stay fresh and accessible. All our accessories have been designed and developed to be part of your essential kit for any dog owner who wants to ensure their dog’s comfort and safety. From the latest travel accessories to the best training essentials, explore our full range of accessories to see what we have to offer and find the items that enhance your training experience, keep your k9 staying happy and safe, and make every trip and adventure more enjoyable for them. Our accessories have been designed by profisnal dog trainers to provide not only convenience but also the functionality that you need and demand, allowing you to just focus on what matters and thats training your dog. Shop now see what we have on sale and discover the difference that high-quality accessories can make in your dog training program.