Some Words About Us

For those who are familiar with dog sports, the name Dobernut needs no introduction. For those who are new to this world, Dobernut actively trains and trials in high level dog sports, travelling globally to further develop our skills and experience staying ahead of the game. When not on the field training, we are on the sideline, capturing on camera dogs and champions living their proudest moments, storing them all, right here for you to see. Training is more than our passion, it is our lifestyle, and something we are dedicated to not only improve, but make accessible to all. Take a look around, and you can see for yourself.

Dog sport is an intense commitment, and something that Dobernut is proud to be a part of. Through our training journey, we have worked hard to produce the finest of equipment, trialed and tested by global champions with the highest of demands. Each product has been developed with the insite only a committed trainer could have – truly perfected before it can make the cut. We have seen every type of dog in this game, and can be sure our equipment has the strength, durability and finesse to keep up with the work load and demand of even the most exceptional dogs. Check it out – you wont be disappointed.